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Saving And Investment Plans Aviva Affluence
Aviva Affluence allows you to pay for a limited payment term and stay invested to meet long term milestones, be it for your child or your retirement. You can optimize the returns by choosing from 7 fund options and change the pattern with varying risk appetite. Aviva Affluence ensures you spend today and meet your family’s desires without worrying about the future.


  • Pay for a limited payment term
  • Stay invested to meet long term milestones
  • Optimise returns by choosing from 7 fund options


  • Customize:
    Pick your policy term to match your long term goals. Choose to pay premiums as per your convenience for 5, 7, 10, 15 years or for the entire policy tenure:
    a. Choose from 7 funds and invest in the fund or combination of funds, that best suits your risk profile
    b. Elect to enter the equity market on a weekly or monthly manner through Systematic Transfer Plan
  • Access:
    Easy access to your money during unexpected needs through partial withdrawals:
    a. Handle your planned needs through systematic partial withdrawals.
    b. Park your windfall gains in the same instrument through top-ups for future.
  • Reward:
    Get rewarded for staying invested through periodic Milestone Boosters and Maturity Boosters.
  • Ensure Protection:
    Secure Sum Assured as a minimum payout in case of your unfortunate death
  • Additional assured amount in case of accidental death
Entry Age (last birthday) Minimum: 2 years Maximum: 50 years
Maturity Age (last birthday) Minimum Maturity Age: 18 years
Maximum Maturity Age depends on the Premium Payment Term(PPT)*

*Premium Payment Term (PPT) Maximum Maturity Age
5 Years 60 Years
7/10/15 Years 65 Years
16 to 30 Years 70 Years